The Virios Engine

The field of Gaming is quite vast, but the thrill of playing a game can never match the thrill of making one. This coders and gamers both find this field quite intriguing, Gamers always have a sweet spot for the devs of the games, and coders, well if they happen to be a gamer like me, they definitely want to get here, what is better than MAKING GAME, Playing GAME, Selling GAME, Having FAME.

BUT, the moment you, enter the world of CryEngine 3 or Unity probably, you might want to switch from 3D to 2D and start away with Box 2D, the iconic engine of Angry Birds. And then this moment of crysis will be faced by you again. What you actually need is something basic to pave your path to the hall of fame.That’s where we come in, The Virios Engine, a very basic Gaming designing engine to aid you with your basic games. The Engine will have a handful of features but useful enough to introduce you to 2D Gaming programming. I can assure, you can make TRON game with it.I made the game without the engine, and when I look back, I imagine how much easy it would have been, had this engine been there then.
The Virios Engine is in its development stage, and will be purely OPEN SOURCE and FREE.
We are so damn much interested in coders to help us out with completing this project before time.
Lets roll guys, lets make it EPIC, lets make our efforts worth it.

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