StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Beta Arriving Soon!


og-sc2-legacy-of-the-voidThe final installment of the StarCraft 2 trilogy, Legacy of the Void, has been highly anticipated for a while now. The beta Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Voidbeta is arriving soon, since Blizzard stated it would be out around of this month, or early in April. The beta signups have been available since November, with obvious priority given to Blizzcon attendees. The gaming press industry companies have recently been told to submit their request for beta keys.
While we all know Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Voidbeta is arriving soon, Blizzard has always maintained that the release date was not set in stone. The company has stated that the time frame is the first half of this year, around March or April, but that the release date was flexible. Still, Starcraft fans anticipate its arrival end of this month, or early next month. It’s expected to be released in a manner similar to Heart of the Swarm, so it will be initially closed with access to only the pros, press, and people with a certain type of system.


This beta test will allow players to try out both the competitive multiplayer in addition to the new Archon mode. In the latter, two players share a home base along with the base’s units and resources. The two commanders must work together against one or more opponents. Furthermore, this closed beta launch will also have Blizzard debuting a brand-new Protoss unit: Adept. This never-before-seen infantry unit has a ground-only range of attack, yet is able to create a mirror duplicate of itself. The unit can then teleport to the location of this clone.
Excitement runs high as fans everyone anticipate StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void beta arriving soon. This new take on the infantry, and new type of gameplay, is sure to bring in new fans and get older fans even more engaged.


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