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A Comprehensive Review of the Digital Storm Coridium – Pushing it to the Limit


Gaming PCs are always pushing their performance to the limit in a bid to dominate the industry and the charts. Digital Storm Coridium is one of the latest to hit the top of the chart list, thanks to its seamless

The ASUS ROG GL551 JM – EH74: A Beast of a Machine

  For the hardcore gamer out there, it can be difficult to come up with that perfect gaming laptop. It’s been a difficult shopping process for years, but the ASUS ROG GL551 JM-EH74 is the most promising solution there has

Top Anticipated Games of 2015

2015 could potentially be a huge year for gaming, with tons of games releasing this year. Some of these games are rumored to be releasing in 2015, or at least announced, but most of them are confirmed for 2015. Here

Can Evolve Live Up To All The Hype?


  One of the biggest questions making its rounds in the gaming forums is: Can Evolve live up to all the hype? The answer is a yes, but the game is not without its issues. While there are those issues,