Can Evolve Live Up To All The Hype?



evolve2015One of the biggest questions making its rounds in the gaming forums is: Can Evolve live up to all the hype? The answer is a yes, but the game is not without its issues. While there are those issues, there is some exciting gameplay that makes up for them. Besides, there are very few games on the market today that do not have some problems.
While Evolve features various play modes, all of them revolve around the same plot of four hunters going against one giant monster. Hunt has proven to be the most popular of the game modes thus far, with the hunters killing the monster before the monster has the opportunity to destroy the power relay. Regardless of which mode players go with, there is always the same subplot of the monster feeding off local fauna in order to garner strength.

One of the facts that gives a positive response to the question of whether or not Evolve can live up to all the hype is the fact that it does an amazing job of emphasizing team synergy. While each of the four classes has its own defined role within the group dynamic, each character has been carefully molded to offer a unique skillset that assists in the group in tracking and killing the monster. The game characters are all similar, but they do still have unique qualities that set them apart and keep gameplay from growing stale.
So, can Evolve live up to all the hype? Yes. However, there are some definite flaws in the design decisions. Since the game’s paradigm relies so heavily on other players, each run-through is unique. On the other hand, the repetitiveness in modes and characters dampens the excitement. With its competitive nature, though, this is definitely a game that players will enjoy over and over.

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