The Top Gaming Graphics Cards of 2015


clip_5F00_image012_5F00_740C73F5The graphics card, if you are a gamer you know it. If you are a PC gamer you love it. If you are a PC brother you admire it. The graphics card is an essential part of your PC build. Most PC gamers already know what will be at the top of the charts in the graphics card rankings, but for the beginners or those who are just breaking into PC gaming, you may need a little help. Here are a few of the top graphics cards to expect this year.

As always, you will have cards like the R9 290x and the GTX 970. These cards are at the top of the list every year. Both were considered to be the top of the line cards, as of recently. They are both still fantastic cards, and that is not to be doubted, but this year we are seeing both brands, Nvidia and AMD, release newer and better GPUs. Regardless of the newer cars to be released, both of these are still highly recommended, and their prices will be going down.

This year Nvidia is releasing the Titan X. They claim that this card is the ultimate GPU, reaching insanely high FPS in the benchmark tests. The Titan X destroys both previous versions of the Titan, hitting nearly 140 FPS while running Battlefield 4 at max settings and 1920×1080. At 3840×2160? The Titan X reaches almost 50 FPS at maxed out settings. The Titan X Boasts an amazing 12 GB of DDR5 video ram. This card is ridiculously strong, but what does AMD have to offer?

Supposedly AMD could be releasing an all new line up this year at Computex 2015. How true is this? We do not know yet. AMD will be there, and AMD will be releasing something new this year, but will it be the R9 300 series?

This could be a great year for gaming, as 4k is blowing up and technology is constantly advancing. One thing is for sure, AMD and Nvidia will definitely be battling it out trying to produce the best products they can.

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