Top Mid-Range Gaming Laptops


ASUS-ROG-15-300x188Generally, when a gamer tells their friends that they want to buy a gaming laptop, they get bashed for not just building their own gaming PC. However, doing so takes extensive knowledge and dexterity that you may not have. That is why gaming laptops are the perfect solution. There is no need to build a heavy case, or buy a new monitor. It saves on time and money to just buy a gaming laptop, and they are far easier to lug around. When it comes to top mid-range gaming laptops, there are definitely some that outshine the rest. These top mid-range gaming laptops are the top three in the industry for the mid-range price range  and has been  on leading sites such as CNet and the Wirecutter. Here are the top three that are money well-spent:
First, if you are looking for a beast of a gaming laptop, the previously featured ASUS ROG GL551 JM-EH74 is well worth the money. The ASUS ROG GL551 JM-EH74 is the most promising solution there has been for a long time. The ultimate question: Is it worth $1,150? The answer is a resounding YES. While that is a lot of money for a laptop specifically designed for gaming, it’s not really about what it does, so much as it is HOW it does it. This laptop is obviously an impressive machine. The ASUS ROG GL551 JM-EH74 gaming laptop incorporates all of the best components, like the quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and the GeForce GTX860M to bring you graphics that are smooth and lifelike with their 1080p visuals in Full HD display. The only thing worse than, say, lag, are bad graphics when gaming. This gaming notebook understands that. It also has one of the best cooling systems around, so overheating is a non-issue.


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